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UAE Innovationeers 

Aerospace Innovationeer  English Course
in Al Ain, UAE

ICAL was commissioned to conduct a 6-week course for a group of Emirati students in Al Ain, UAE. The class was composed of a group of Mubadala employees and GHQ military officers in UAE who held various positions throughout both organizations. Their ages were from early 20’s to one student in his 40’s.  

ICAL conducted an assessment of 26 employees from which 19 were selected, 16 men and 3 women. Their beginning proficiency ranged between Novice Low to Novice High in all four literacy skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening).  

The students were uniformly weaker in reading and writing and stronger in listening and speaking. Most were reluctant to say more than a few sentences when asked open-ended questions, especially in areas outside of workplace topics. The goal was to increase all students two full ACTFL (Educational Testing Service) proficiency levels.  

ICAL’s additional goal for the students was to:
  • to increase their confidence to give clear presentations and contribute verbally in staff meetings, 
  • to increase their motivation to contribute to Aerospace initiative,
  • to tap into their inner reserves and develop new skills for learning.

A tertiary goal was to provide them with a deeper understanding of western culture and broaden their knowledge of the world outside of UAE to prepare them to work effectively in the global marketplace.

Two courses were selected from the 12-course Innovationeer Aerospace English series. These courses were based on the students’ starting proficiency and strategic learning goals.  

The first was Trip to New York and the second was Flights of Imagination. The Trip to New York is for Novice learners and Flights of Imagination is a Novice/Intermediate “threshold” course. Trip to New York is designed to develop an overview of western culture and Flights of Imagination is a global review of the famous scientists and how they heroically changed the world as we know it today. Both courses are designed to build confidence and ability in using all four language skills.

These elaborate simulations really teach students how to:
  • think critically through practice 
  • work successfully in teams, 
  • develop problem-solving skills, 
  • conduct research and give presentations
  • acquire key knowledge economy and workforce skills / attitudes critical for the 21st century.

Most students surpassed our expectations. The Emirati’s average attendance rate was 88%, and their completion of assignments was 94%. This is excellent by any measure of success.  

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