ICAL's Spotlight

Spelman College Innovationeers 

Who are the Spelman College Innovationeers and what are they all about?  Our photo gallery overviews the group during their Innovationeer Class.  

Spelman College in Atlanta, GA offers a full time 5 week program for high school students who plan on attending Spelman.  This Early College Registration is a special summer program for selected students to experience what college life will be like.  

ICAL's Innovationeer Class provided the opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking and study skills while experiencing Accelerative Learning in a 5 week program.  The 23 Spelman 'Innovationeers' came from all over the United States and attended class for 90 minutes a day for a five week period.  Although not yet in college, this class afforded the students the experience of what college will be like: a fast pace, heavy work load and lots of learning opportunities.  Two seniors at Spelman were the Teaching Assistants for the class and were closely involved with the grading and tutoring of the Innovationeers. 

Check out more details about the class, the students, their comments, contributions, and ideas. . . 

" I learned about the Innovationeer Program today.  It seems like it would be a fun addition to our academic schedule.  I had fun determining what three elements would be most important in developing a competitive edge in today's world.  I cannot wait to resume the activity tomorrow." (Lauren aka Marian Anderson)

"Today I learned numerous things.  First was how to do work in a group, cooperatively and in a fast pace.  We had to work quickly and efficiently.  I was very proud of our ending result. I learned the different skills that we use and need in the economy. Today was a fun and educational day for me." (Stevie-Mari aka Rosa Parks) 

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