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New Things Learned by the Spelman Innovationeers

Each session of the Innovationeer™ Course is a fast-paced 90 minutes filled with new information and new experiences.

Modern brain research has revealed that the best way to ensure learned information is permanently acquired into long-term memory is to review it immediately after you receive it, and then review it again before going to bed that day. 

Another finding of brain researchers was that pleasurable experiences tend to be remembered longer, and that when learning takes place when you feel safe and relaxed, that information is encoded into permanent memory along with the pleasurable experience. 

To ensure that new experiences are retained permanently for easy recall, we request that each student fill out a simple form at the end of each session. We ask two questions: “What was the new thing you learned? and “When did you have fun?” These questions allow you to review the entire 90-minute experience in order to select the single thing that was most memorable to you at that moment.

Innovationeers submitted the following comments:

"I learned many different things today in this course, from the definition of an innovationeer (an engineer of innovation and a creative thinker)to what qualities will give me a competitive edge in life.   I had fun when I met my peers, the first time for me, and really got a chance to connect with them and have meaningful discussion."

"Today in innovationeer class I learned exactly what an innovationeer is. I learned that it is designed for you to think outside the box and be creative. I also learned that everything that we do no matter what we think the significance is right now will amount to something bigger and better in the future.I had fun when I made my competitive devices on the cards and I got to decorate my cards."

"I learned a lot about Globalization Skills and the different types of specific learners. I had fun doing the Language System Diagnostic Instrument activity. I never really knew what kind of learner I was until today."

"Today was actually very interesting....I learned about the way that I "learn". Apparently, I am an kinesthetic learner, which means I learn by doing. I also learned about the skills a person should have to succeed in today's global economy.  I had fun doing the "Competitive Edge" activity and I enjoyed seeing other people's artwork."

"Class was very interesting today. I learned the different ways people can learn or pick up things. I learned that I was a kinesthetic learner which means that I am a more hands on learner. I also enjoyed creating the poster in the groups today."

"Today I learned that I am a kinesthetic learner through the use of a diagnostic test. Discovering my learning style is extremely helpful because it will help me to better comprehend and retain things I learn in college. I have never taken a test such as this, so learning about myself was especially interesting."

"I had fun when I learned that for my two-hundred point project, I would be creating an non-existent aid to the country of Thailand. I am very excited to collaborate with my fellow group members, and produce something that would potentially be beneficial, and unprecedented in that country."
Kalia Nicole

"Today, The innovationeer class was very active. We started our persona cards and business cards. I enjoyed doing my persona card. I chose to be Abigail Adams,because I only know two things about her. I know that she is was the wife of John Adams and she campaigned for women's rights. I think this project will be the perfect opportunity for me to expand my knowledge about all the wonderful things she accomplished. I also liked the project,because I got to be very creative.  Today, I felt as if I grew as an innovationeer. "

"The new thing I learned today was how not to be afraid of taking risk but, to be well prepared for one. Also, I learned that life is a state of mind and the qualities of life is betrayed through the qualities of my thoughts.  I had fun learning different learning skills like mathematical and visual. Surprisingly I could do both."

"In class today I learned many different ways to use the mind maps. Now I am truly grateful that I am learning what kind of student I am so my dependence on my teachers is decreasing. My final year in high school I will be able to perform my best since I will know what exactly to do to be the best scholar I can. "

"Who would have ever known that there are so many different ways to learn!?! Before coming to the innovations class, I thought the reason why some of my classes were harder than others because the teacher wasn't good or I just wasn't good in the subject. In order for me to learn, I need to take the information the teachers present to me and re-create it to fit one of my stronger learning techniques.  We reinforced the idea of multiple learning styles by playing a game. That game was really interesting and fun."

"The new thing I learned today was receptivity. Receptivity was the ability of being open to new things. Also, I was exposed to the different learning styles and skills some of my teachers may use in their lessons. Therefore, if I was to learn all of them I could be unstoppable in the classroom."

"I had fun presenting the commercial/jingle for my group's innovationeering project. We devised SAC- Subterranean Agriculture and Cultivation-- Pyramids for the country of Egypt. "What are those?", you ask?-- Hopefully we get a patent soon and you will find out!"

"The new thing that I learned today was that taking risks is an important part of being an innovationeer.  I had fun while watching the Indiana Jones movie today."

"Today I watched a movie about the adventures of Young Indiana Jones also known as Indy. Indy and his girlfriend solved the case of the missing plans. Watching the two of them reinforced my knowledge of what it means to be an innovationeer. They took risks, they thought outside of the box, and they used networking and globalization skills.   I had fun watching the movie. It was very entertaining."
Isis Rose

"The new thing that I learned was that taking the innovative learning class will soon benefit my life in the long run. Even though I don't quite understand it sometimes I believe that it will greatly benefit me in the future. I had fun while listening to the music and using the technique of finger-painting to express what I felt."

"I learned that it is better to plan out what you want out of life and write it down.I enjoyed drawing into the crystal ball. This assignment caused me to have a positive, visual outcome toward the future."

"Today I learned that we have a very unique group of young black women in the Early College Program. Today we learned a lot about who each one of us were different from the other. I thought that activity was very interesting.I had fun reading the Dr. Seuss book today! I actually looked at the book at a different perspective. I never really looked at the true meaning of Dr. Seuss books. It was real deep!"
Stevie Mari

"I learned a little bit about all my classmates. I also learned their similarities and differences that I have with each of them.  I had fun reading "Oh, the Places You'll Go!." It was very interesting and made me look deeper into themes and morals of children's books."

"Reverence for Life was unknown to me, until today. I learned that I need to appreciate all life, from roaches to humans. I had fun while watching the Schweitzer movie because it really put a new spin on life. I am now able to think about life in a whole new way.  I listen to music all the time. However, today was the first time I actually realized the affect that it has on me. Today I learned that music affects the way I feel, and study. I had fun while watching various groups interpretive dance."

"Today in class I had I an exceptional learning experience when my classmates presented their personas. I had fun while we were refining our art."

"Today in class we re-read the Adventures of Snap and Mohammed, and familiarized ourselves with the idea of what an agile learner is. Reviewing this information on what an agile learner is helped me to understand how I can apply these skills to my everyday learning environment as well as practice myself. I knew that revisiting this information on agile learners many times would contribute to another project or assignment later on. The highlight of today's lesson was when we were asked to illustrate the last of our Power Keys "Creativity."
Kalia Nicole

"Today, I learned one of the most important things I have ever learned in the Innovations class. It was about personal empowerment. This story made me realize more about myself, like what power level I am usually on, and what the levels mean.  I had fun while discussing personal empowerment because I learned about my true self."

"I learned how to be precise with an art piece. I never knew before how to be precise with other things that I do not do very often. Just from that experience, I creativity and precision can apply in any instance and apply to whatever is being done.  I had fun when we had to match the globalization skills, K-economy skills, and life long learning skills with their definitions. It kind of made me understand them more and a little better."

"In class today, I learned the differences between globalization skills, life long lessons, and k-economy skills. Our class participated in a group activity where each one of us had to contribute to completing the task at hand. To me, this activity represented a "real world" situation, because in the workplace most things we do will require teamwork."
Isis Rose

"Today in class I learned about globalization skills and life-long learning skills.   I had fun putting together our posters, because our groups had the chance to be able to understand how we all work together."

"I have to say that class yesterday was the most fun I've had. I loved hearing how the simplest stories were the truest examples of innovationeer traits. I will probably never look at children's book the same way, I will always be searching for a deeper meaning. I had fun presenting my commercial and rap to the class!"
Kalia Nicole

"Today I learned that by being a team player more can be achieved and it also allows for the team to bounce off one another. When the group is focused on a common goal we tend to come up with some very fascinating conclusions and projects. This interactions makes learning more enjoyable and the information shared is better retained.  My class made a lasting impression on me, we had a discussion about the 4 keys of life and the life long learning skills. I will make a conscious effort to incorporate these skills in my daily life."

"Today I reflected on the past four weeks and I'm actually kind of saddened by the fact that we're leaving tomorrow. Although I wasn't so receptive to this class, I've actually learned and grown a lot from it. THANK YOU !!"

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