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Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media

ICAL conducted a research study of 500 students at a large media university (MIIM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, owned by the Malaysian government’s media conglomerate.  Degree programs included media operations in broadcast, communications, multimedia, television, newspaper and radio.  Graduates were placed in the government’s media conglomerate and also in private media operations within Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Europe and the United States.

In order to have a ready supply of staff for its expanding operations, MIIM was established to train Malaysian students in media careers.  Students are enrolled in a variety of 2-year degree programs that produce trained staff for TV3, New Straits Times, and other media businesses within Malaysia and internationally.

ICAL’s study took place in May 2000 and subsequent training continued into May 2001.

MIIM hired ICAL to achieve several goals: 
1)To increase student enrollment
2)To increase student retention once enrolled
3)To increase English proficiency of all students
4)To increase use of “Best Teaching Practices” by teaching staff
5)To increase placement of graduates into meaningful work positions
6)To increase long-term retention of graduates with employers
7)To increase satisfaction ratings of graduates by employers

The steps to the project were designed to assess, make recommendations, and actually provide solutions to achieve the recommendations.  Assessments pre and post were made by ICAL personnel and MIIM personnel independently and scores were averaged for the Report of Findings.

A)  Conduct a Vision Quest with key staff members from each organization
     (TV3, New Straits Times, and their parent company) to ensure all critical
     needs were uncovered for each organization.
B)  Assess students’ current English proficiency and current use of 38 key
     Innovation skills
C)  Develop a culturally appropriate “Best Teaching Practices” instrument with
     which to assess the teaching staff.
D)  Assess the teaching staff using the instrument.
E)  Compile the data from students and staff and use the result as a baseline
     from which to design a customized curriculum to deliver a targeted
     measurable increase in observed performance at the end of ICAL’s
F)  Conduct the Innovationeer training for 500 students and 40 staff members.
G)  Compile a second set of measurements of observed performance during
     training and on the job (Teachers using Best Practices during classroom
     instruction and students displaying the 38 keys skills of Innovation during
     class and in their assignments).
H)  Develop the measurement instruments to collect and analyze the data
     long-term to verify that achievement of goals “1-7” above.
I)  Provide a Report of Findings on the improvements in measurable
   performance as a result of ICAL’s intervention, and expected long-term
   implications to MIIM’s goals.


Rosnan Shefai, Director, MIIM

Business Type:

Media University for Radio, Television, and Print 

Client Objective:

To train staff members and students in innovative teaching and learning skills using Accelerative Learning
  • Increase student enrollments into MIIM programs in order to reach building capacity
  • Decrease dropouts during 2-year media program
  • Increase placements of students into media positions after graduation
  • Increase employee retention and employer satisfaction after hiring
  • Increase creativity and leadership skills in both students and staff
  • Increase instructor “Best Teaching Practice” skills and attitudes

System Implemented:

ICAL conducted a Vision Quest for teachers and key management personnel.  Based on the outcome of the Vision Quest, ICAL established an ICAL Innovation Institute to train MIIM Instructors in Best Teaching Practices and an Innovationeer Course to increase creativity and Knowledge Economy skills in 125 Freshman, 125 Sophomores, 125 Juniors and 125 graduating Seniors (500 students in total). 


Positive word-of mouth from graduates and employers about the 60-hour Innovationeer Course increased MIIM enrollment by 20% each subsequent semester over a 2-year period, allowing MIIM to reach 85% capacity.  

  • 100% course attendance
  • Positive word of mouth
  • Increased retention in 2-year MIIM program

  • Increased English proficiency
  • Increased Best Practices by Staff
  • Increased participation by students
  • Increased graduation scores

  • Increased student skills
  • Increased student placements
  • Increased employer satisfaction
  • Increased use of English in projects and presentations

Return on Investment:
  • Increased student revenue
  • Increased employer recommendations
  • Increased cost effectiveness of use of equipment and facilities
  • Increased use of faculty capacity

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