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ICAL was approached by Colegio Humane in Spring 2004 to develop K-8 English curriculum and train local staff to operate a new college preparatory school in Leon, Mexico.  Spanish instruction was being done by teachers using the Montessori Method and the staff of the school wanted an educational technology in English that would be compatible with Montessori.

ICAL conducted a three-day Vision Quest with the current staff and school management in order to customize the ICAL Accelerative Learning curriculum and instructional design to the school, its 200 students, and their parents.

During the Vision Quest, the Colegio Humane staff and management established conclusively that the ICAL Accelerative Learning system was compatible with the Montessori Method and chose the following performance targets for the project:

a) To increase English proficiency scores of students at all grades and in all four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
b) To establish an aligned and articulated Accelerative Learning English proficiency program that includes all curriculum content required by the SEP (the Mexico Dept of Education).
c) To “normalize” English proficiency across all grades within 4 years so that all grades were at the appropriate English proficiency for their respective grade.
d) To create 8 levels of Accelerative Learning lesson plans that allow replication of results across all teachers
e) To train a group of teachers who could use these lessons and also create specialized  units of their own using ICAL’s system of curriculum and instructional design
f) To win a SEP award for excellence for private schools within Mexico
g) To monitor both quantitative and qualitative improvements in student and teacher performance.

ICAL accomplished the above goals following the customized protocol developed for this client’s needs:

1) Assess the starting English proficiency of all 200 students using a team of 12 testers.

2) Develop an Accelerative Learning curriculum that addresses the shortfalls in proficiency uncovered by the assessment conducted above.

3) Prepare a 3-year “normalization” plan that creates a series of 8 proficiency-based courses that will be age-appropriate and proficiency-appropriate during the normalization period.

4) Develop Accelerative Learning curriculum for language arts, guided reading, literacy, centers, projects and cultural holidays as part of every level developed above

5) Train local staff over 60 days with a series of 8 courses that included Accelerative Learning Beginning and Advanced courses, including “microteaching” during training:
  • Best Teaching Practices
  • Best Design Practices
  • Best Coaching and Mentoring Practices
  • Best Assessment and Data Reporting Practices

6) Create expansion protocols when the Colegio Humane franchise spreads to other locations in Mexico.


Jodi Hook, Director of Instruction

Business Type:

K-8 Private College Preparatory School

Client Objective:

To train staff members and students in innovative teaching and learning methods using Accelerative Learning

  • Increase student English proficiency in all four skills and in all curriculum subjects (math, science, etc)
  • Increase enrollment through superior student outcomes compared to other schools
  • Increase placements of students into prestigious high schools
  • Increase staff ability to produce increased student results
  • Increase creativity and leadership skills in both students and staff
  • Increase instructor “Best Teaching Practice” skills and attitudes

System Implemented:

ICAL conducted a Vision Quest to identify performance targets; established an ICAL Innovation Institute to train Colegio Humane instructors in Best Teaching/Design/Assessment Practices and created 8 Innovationeer Courses  (2080 hours of Accelerative Learning curriculum and lesson plans) to increase English proficiency, creativity and Knowledge Economy skills in 213 current students (grades K-8). 


Colegio Humane earned SEP award for Best Performance among all private schools nationally.  New student revenue increased by 21%.  Returning student revenue increased by 12% over the previous year.  

  • Positive parent feedback
  • Positive student feedback
  • Increased student retention

  • Increased Best Practices by Staff
  • Increased participation by students
  • Increased proficiency scores

  • Increased student skills
  • Increased student placements
  • Increased employer satisfaction

Return on Investment:
  • Increased new student revenue 
  • Increased returning student revenue
  • Increased staff retention
  • Won national SEP award for excellence in a private school

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