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Directly from Atlanta Public Schools
APS Teachers’ Comments from Teacher Training Levels 1-5

“The seminar is so practical because it makes the language acquisition process something “real” for the students, so they feel proud in using their new language.”

“I can tell my friends that APS has an exciting new program that can be successful for children and their teachers as well!”

“ I have benefited from this seminar greatly.  My way of thinking has changed and my focus has as well.  It is my hope that my students will be the primary beneficiaries.”

I would tell my friends this is a “must take” class.  It has all the information organized for quick and effective implementation of second language teaching.”

“Without this seminar you don’t have all the tools to be an effective teacher.”

“This seminar has changed my life professionally and personally.”

“The ICAL team is amazing.  If they could train every teacher, education in America would be valued.”

“I should win the lotto to pay ICAL to home school my kids.”

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