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Atlanta Public Schools Testimonial

I highly recommend the training and curriculum of the International Center for Accelerative Learning (ICAL), based on the outstanding results they deliver for students.

From 2002 to 2005, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) participated in a dual literacy immersion program designed by ICAL, which involved training our teachers and designing our curriculum. Parkside Elementary School was selected as the site for the program.

From the beginning, it was important that students in the dual literacy program maintain or exceed the test results of the control group.  Since the ICAL students were spending one-quarter of the class time learning Spanish, it was vitally important that the students did not fall behind in GKAP or report card scores, which are two measures necessary in Georgia to graduate students into first grade.

The ICAL program exceeded our expectations.  

The ICAL group achieved a 96% increase in GKAP scores at the end of the school year, versus 43% for the control group, which represented over twice the growth even though the ICAL students were spending 90 minutes a day in Spanish.  In Report Card growth, the results were even better.  The ICAL group improved 123% by year’s end, versus by 23% growth in the control groups. 

At the end of the first year, our expectations were definitely exceeded.  But the best was yet to come.  One of our long-term questions was whether investing this much time in Spanish would depress the two standardized test scores given at the end of third grade, the CRCT and Iowa basic tests.

Once again, our expectations were exceeded.  All students in the ICAL group met expectations on both tests, and in fact were in the top 10% of the school scores.  And they were also bilingual!

The reason for these outstanding results lies in the combination of ICAL’s teacher training and curriculum design.  The state curriculum standards are embedded in all lessons, so while the students are enjoying themselves and learning Spanish, they are also learning a great deal of required content that is important for them to succeed as students.  This is evident in both the short and long-term results achieved by the students.

There is one final point that is important to note.  Students need more than test scores to succeed in the rigorous academic environment of Atlanta Public Schools, currently one of the top three urban school systems in the country.  They need confidence, high self-esteem, and they need to learn how to think critically to create new solutions with existing knowledge. 

The ICAL program does that wonderfully.  The activities are inquiry-based, so the students quickly learn the skills of working out the answers for themselves, and coming up with solutions that rely on creative originality, versus finding the single correct answer.

The ICAL program was an unqualified success at our school, and went on to become the basis for the foreign language program offered to all 53,000 students at APS.  
ICAL is results-driven, hard-working, and builds the skills of both teachers and students.  I am proud to have hosted them at our school, and recommend them highly to other educators and districts.

Mrs. Danielle Battle 

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