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An ESOL Program that boosted test scores:
The Benteen Elementary Project at Atlanta Public Schools 

To accommodate the learning needs of an increasing number of ESOL students, Dr. Christina Otuwa, principal of Benteen Elementary at Atlanta Public Schools, commissioned ICAL to create an ESOL course that included core curriculum in a proficiency –based English program. 

The pilot was jointly funded by Benteen Elementary and the International Center for Accelerative Learning (ICAL).  A longitudinal study is being conducted 3 years later to see the long-term effect the test scores of ESOL students before and after the pilot.  In the year of the pilot, the performance of many of the ESOL pilot students was better than the main stream population.  

From this pilot, a full curriculum from K-8 grades has been developed for both ESOL and Spanish instruction using a proficiency-based model.  Currently, this model is in use for Spanish throughout Atlanta Public Schools, and proficiency scores for 30,000+ K-6 and 4-6 foreign language students are being correlated with their standardized test scores.  

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