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Can learning a second language improve test scores, self-esteem, and the intrinsic desire to learn? 

The answer is yes, with a program specifically designed to achieve those goals.  

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) adopted ICAL’s Foreign Language System for their K-6 and 4-6 schools in 2002.  ICAL trained 200 foreign language teachers who serve over 53,000 students with this humanistic, proficiency-based system.  APS also conducted two pilots in ESOL and Dual Literacy, both exceeding expectations.

The Council of the Great City Schools invited ICAL to present our ESOL findings at the 2005 Great City Schools conference in October 2005.  

ICAL’s approach is unique, combining the arts, music, and drama with core curriculum to teach proficiency-driven ESOL, Foreign Language, and Dual Literacy courses.  The results inspire both teachers and students!

Students learn ESOL or a second language that includes math, science, social studies, language arts, and technology, so it links directly to classroom content.  Teachers learn a humanistic instructional model that is joyful to use and produces immediate results teachers can measure in the classroom.  ICAL’s humanistic system allows students to experience meaningful learning, which encourages students to become inspired to learn, to be intrinsically motivated, focused on personal development, creative thinking, and life-long learning.

National research on over 150,000 students throughout the USA has shown the correlation between higher student test scores and dual literacy (acquiring the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in two languages).  APS is seeing the positive results after only three years of the six-year project.


Teacher Training Testimonials


Deborah Reidmiller, World Languages Director

Business Type:

Public K-12 School

Client Objectives:

  • Increase proficiency-based instruction with curriculum content
  • Decrease teacher turnover
  • Increase teachers’ use of “best teaching practices” as demonstrated by increased student performance
  • Increase replication of results across 200 second language teachers and 53,000 students
  • Increase delivery of curriculum standards through teacher training and lesson plans for the classroom

System Implemented:

ICAL developed an articulated and aligned program of 8 proficiency levels (Novice to Advanced) and created a set of lesson plans to replicate teacher performance across the entire school district of 53,000 students.  ICAL documented the increase in all teachers’ classroom performance from a starting average of 43% to an ending average of 81%.
ICAL developed 12 levels of customized training to ensure individual teacher accountability is correlated with student performance.  ICAL also trained 30 mentors to supervise long-term quality assurance. 


The ICAL system decreased teacher turnover, increased second language proficiency results throughout the district, supported the effectiveness of over 10 different reform models, increased long-term replication.

  • 98% training attendance
  • Satisfaction rating by teachers 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Increased teacher retention

  • Demonstrated skills in training
  • Excelled in teams and individually
  • Completed CEU requirements

  • Developed units on their own
  • Increased content delivery
  • Increased consistency of results
  • Increased classroom performance

Return on Investment:
  • Increased teacher retention 
  • Increased new student enrollments
  • Increased proficiency results
  • Supported student test results across 10 reform models

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