ICAL's Innovation Curriculum

ICAL's Innovation Curriculum and Instructional Design is one of three critical components for success.  

Our proprietary combination of student materials, teacher training and spiral designs produces replicable results. 

The outcome is a learning experience allowing students to develop the 78 key skills shown below in courses ranging from 90 to 900 hours.  

These skills are essential to thrive in the global economy of the 21st century.

ICAL's Innovationeer Course has a multi-layered effect on students.  They develop workplace skills and attitudes at the same time as they acquire another language.  This is a powerful combination in a global workplace.

Students acquire two different types of content – effective (content and workplace skills) and affective (character and self-esteem-based skills). In a global workplace where teamwork and communication are just as important as technical skills, both effective and affective skills must be acquired to be successful.  

ICAL’s Innovationeer™ Course develops both types of skills in every student.

For every student audience, whether younger school age, teenagers, college students, vocational students or adults in the workforce, ICAL designs our lesson plans on rigorous international curriculum guidelines.  In addition to these guidelines, we have defined our “Innovationeering skills” below.

ICAL's system is based on our own proven variant of suggestive accelerative learning.  ICAL has delivered successful results on every continent, with all age groups, in over a dozen key educational and business sectors, and with over a dozen different cultures.  Our Innovationeer™ Course will make a difference in your country, and we guarantee it!

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