ICAL Teacher Training (Foundation Levels)

Best Practices Experienced

Best Practices Experienced is the first 30-hour course in the Foundation sequence that gives teachers hands-on experience mastering the basic tools and best practices of  ICAL Inside quickly and confidently.  

This first course is designed for teachers and trainers, and is also very valuable for coordinators or principals who are managing people who are using accelerative learning.  

It gives everyone a different perspective on how to deliver better student results in both effective and affective terms.  In other words, students learn more and boost their self esteem at the same time, and participants learn how to recognize and encourage both achievements.  And guess what?  The same applies to teachers and trainers, as evidenced by their testimonials.

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Recognize and teach to every student’s learning and processing styles
  • Prepare activities that astonish and engage students
  • Create rich multi-sensory learning environments
  • Develop self-esteem that promotes retention and recall in students
  • Deliver the learning outcomes you desire
  • Utilize art to facilitate successful student output
  • Use persona to promote positive suggestion and successful results
  • Predict your future success
  • Experience successful presentations with your teammates

Best Practices Activated

Best Practices Activated is the second 30-hour course in the Foundation sequence.  This course gives participants actual teaching practice with ICAL’s basic tools and best practices acquired from the previous course.  

This second course is designed for teachers, instructional specialists, and course designers who are in charge of hands-on application of learning strategies in classrooms, schools and districts. 

This course moves teachers from “remembering and understanding” to “applying and analyzing” (see Bloom’s Taxonomy) so that they may expand how they utilize ICAL’s tools in their classrooms.  

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Develop lessons with ICAL’s 11-step design model
  • Discover the 9 keys to Life Long Learning
  • Explore how to create Agile Learners in your students
  • Create a “first curve” tree of your teaching assets
  • Discover your five power levels and how to express them
  • Practice “micro-teaching” in groups and pairs
  • Explore the potential of “Centers’ in your classroom
  • Design some classroom games in teams
  • Discover the three types of games 
  • Practice differentiating instruction to meet student needs
  • Create “me-mobiles” and other self-esteem tools
  • Add 11 research-based techniques to your “teaching toolbox” 
  • Examine the “scroll” method of course design
  • Micro-teach using the 6 types of inputs and the 3 types of activations

Best Practices Demonstrated

Best Practices Demonstrated is the concluding 30-hour course in the Foundation sequence that begins the process of successfully applying the previous sequence to workplace performance through a special sequence of activities.

It is designed for teachers and course designers who want to practice their new skills in a safe yet rigorous environment where they can be coached to excellence by ICAL’s experienced training team.

As teachers apply the ICAL Inside system to their individual presentation styles, they discover their own unique ways of making every class memorable and valuable for the students they are teaching.

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Elaborate on ICAL's 11-step design model to design courses
  • Develop course activities with the above models
  • Create 'agile learners' who know how to solve new problems
  • Practice “micro-teaching” to refine your newly acquired teaching skills
  • Invent an activity as a team using a game board 
  • Recognize “power levels” in a learning environment and how to harness them.
  • Develop 14 points of quality for your teaching environment
  • Utilize the 12 human interventions to design the right solution for any problem
  • Prepare a 4-level performance appraisal of any training course or class
  • Explore the 11 useful methodologies within the ICAL Inside system

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