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Students learn in different ways.  Some students learn best by listening to material (auditory), some by looking at material (visual), and others by doing something with the material (kinesthetic).  Accelerative Learning addresses all learning styles so every student learns to the best of his or her potential.

Learning is more effective when students use new information immediately after they learn it.  Student work is displayed in the gallery.  Projects, posters, models and other output show mastery of acquired knowledge and demonstrate internal motivation.  Displaying material in the gallery increases self esteem and team work using students own artwork and output.

​If you are a teacher, please take photographs of your students engaged in ICAL Centers, ICAL Success Sparks Reading Sequences and ICAL Projects.  Also, take pictures of student output.  Please send us your pictures in jpeg format and we will post them to the gallery.


See examples of students work in the gallery below.  As the school year unfolds, check back here to view updates to the Student Gallery.

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