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Level  7Mission to Mars (Intermediate High/Advanced)

The Mission to Mars course takes students from Space Camp to a space station and finally on a round trip adventure to and from Mars, where they travel through a wormhole, meet the Time Guardians, and work in teams of five astronauts to ensure a safe and successful space trip for everyone!

The seventh course of the ICAL series is a “project-based” course.  Over 16 units, students create and update a Space Diary, an Astronaut’s Log, a Science Fair project, a Science Quiz Bowl, and a series of other projects that culminate in an “Innovationeer Project” near the end of the course.  Below is a summary of how the theme of the course engages students while encouraging them to do their best work on team-based and personal projects in every unit.

The Astronauts’ Adventure

You are now in Space Camp, the place where your journey begins.  Here you will be introduced to all the habits of successful Astronauts – the ability to work in teams, read quickly and summarize accurately, and keep journals that serve as a record of all the new information you will be learning this year.

Then you Get Ready For Takeoff, where you prepare yourselves for the long journey to Mars and back.  Here you will stock all your rations, and gather everything you need for the long journey.  

Finally it is launch day and 3,2,1,Blastoff!  You are on your way to a great adventure and you will enjoy your great ride into orbit around Earth.

When you are free of the Earth’s gravity, you will prepare for the long journey to Mars at Rest Stop Space Station, where you will meet fellow Astronauts from many countries. 

Then it is off to Touchdown Mars, the exciting trip you heard about from the Astronauts at the Space Station.  

Once you touch down on Mars, you will have a Martian Encounter.  It will be everything the Space Station Astronauts told you and more!  

After Mars, things really get interesting!  The Martians told you about a new discovery that the Space Fleet has decided to investigate, and you are about to Enter the Wormhole!

When you enter the wormhole, you will take the Time Lords’ Guided Tour, where you cross the boundaries of Space and Time!

You are on your way back much earlier, thanks to the Time Lords.  That gives you time to develop your own Mission Possible, an individual Astronaut project that allows you to plan your future career.

Just before returning to Earth, you earn your Innovationeer Certification that you developed with your Mission Possible.  Being a certified Innovationeer allows you do anything back on Earth, and it opens your mind to endless possibilities.

Finally you return home for a Welcome Back to Earth.  There is much celebration from the Space Program, and your families are grateful to have you back as well!

Before you return to civilian life, you and your fellow Astronauts present your Report of Findings on the new Worm Hole you explored.

During the Report of Findings, there are Panel Discussions where the press from all over the world asks your team about your incredible journey.

Finally you are Reunited At Last with your family and friends, to whom you’ll have lots of stories to tell! 

There is a Last Call at Space Camp, where it all began almost 9 months ago.  You give a speech to new recruits, where you tell them to work hard and learn all they can.

Then you publish a book called Earthlings Revisited, which becomes an international best seller and makes you all rich and famous.  But that is another story!

This course encourages students to “avalanche” into the Intermediate High – Advanced range of proficiency.  It prepares the students linguistically and psychologically for the last course of the series called “Time Guardians” which is an Advanced level course.  Upon finishing The Mission to Mars, the students are ready!

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