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Level 6Explorers’ Club (Intermediate Mid/Intermediate High)

The sixth course of the series invites students to become explorers and join a club that takes them on adventures all over the world and beyond!  

Responsibilities of club members include maintaining explorer logs, reporting through live broadcasts and documenting through bulletin boards.  The course is a language arts course which integrates geography, history, social studies, character education, math, fine arts, and research and presentation skills.

Students travel to China, the South Seas, Africa, the USA, North and South Poles and Europe as they follow the paths of famous explorers.  Students learn about different cultures from historical perspectives e.g. native Americans, ancient Egyptians, life in the UK (today and long ago), and life in Massachusetts (today and long ago).  

Explorers even go beyond the Earth to a special unit about an expedition to space!

The course theme is represented in a Suggestopedic text that spans the entire course.  Students search for keys to discovery which are revealed by famous explorers throughout the text.  

Explorers include Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, Captain Cook, Lewis & Clark, Kingsley, Peary, and De Rosier.  In addition to vocabulary building, the students manipulate the text in many ways to build word usage skills and comprehension skills (literal comprehension, inferential and evaluative comprehension and literature skills).

The large volume of student output in this course will enable students, teachers and parents to observe and measure substantial proficiency gains and equally great advances in self-confidence and self-expression.

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