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Level 3Flights of Imagination (Novice Mid/Novice High)

The third course of the series is a unique time travel adventure!  In Flights of Imagination, students participate in meetings between famous scientists and famous superheroes.  Students journey across time and delve deep into their imaginations with a series of activities that engage and delight.  

In this third course in the novice proficiency band, students extend their examination of basic content categories at a deeper level, applying and using information from the two preceding courses and now experiment with language in this very creative thematic course.

In this course, Einstein meets Captain Atom, Edison meets Wonder Woman, Leonardo da Vinci meets Rip Hunter, Madame Curie meets Jade, Isaac Newton meets Starman and Galileo meets Iman.  Students analyze superheroes to determine their skills and strengths.  Students learn about these famous scientists, their lives, their discoveries, their challenges and their contributions to the world.

Students are introduced to a detailed Suggestopedic text about the scientists and superheroes.  They create graphic novels, complete reading sequences, manipulate the basic 10 content categories at much deeper levels, create timelines of inventions throughout history, explore science through personal experimentation and from the study of the famous scientists in each unit, delve into math, history, geography, biology, physics and fine arts.  

Flights of Imagination is also a very effective language arts course, taking students to the threshold level of Novice High, or even past to Intermediate.  English and ESOL features include a massive word wall that is built throughout the whole course using the 300 most popular words in the English language.  There is a heavy emphasis on reading skills with reading series covering story reading, retelling, questions and answers, circle/group readings, peer reading, listening and drawing the stories.  Phonetic activities include auditory closure, sound blending, and auditory memory activities.

The Suggestopedic text has 10 acts (chapters) – one introduced per unit where students experience the ritual series of an active concert, passive concert, reading role play, choral readings, true or false analysis, integration of text scenes into graphic novel format, text classifications and text reenactments.

Like the previous courses, Flights of Imagination is filled with inquiry-based, student-centered activities and critical thinking worksheets that become a tangible record of students’ growth during the course.

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